Friday, August 13, 2010

Official Introduction of SSG Officers

During the Acquaintance Party last July 30,those officers whether they are appointed or elected they are officially introduce as a Supreme Student Government Officers.

Our Vision and Mission!!


The Supreme Student Government of Lumban National High School will be recognized nationwide in rendering services to our fellow students and solving problems through:
• perpetual adherence in all the ideals and principles of democracy;
• upliftment of the moral well well-being of the studentry;
• development of the academic standards of our Alma Mater;
• working for the general welfare of the school;
• preservation, promotion, and implementation of the goals and aspirations of the youth;
• epitomizing effective leadership, consistent excellence, and enduring unity;
Through this vision, we will achieve a leadership position in the field of responsible governance where our values, ideas, and principles provide various advantages for the Supreme Student Government and exemplary efficiency for the studentry and definitely our society.


The Supreme Student Government of Lumban National High School shall promote mutual understanding through social, civic, intellectual, recreational, and scientific programs and activities with the following objectives:
•   Develop love of God and country, moral character, personal discipline, leadership, and efficiency among its members;
•   Train members for effective and efficient leadership;
•   Help the students develop self-confidence;
•   Promote unity among leaders and the student body;
•   Maintain school aspirations to promote quality education;
•   Serve and protect the students’ rights and welfare; and
•   Represent the studentry in the policy-making body of the school

Supreme Student Government in Philippines!


[edit] Student Government Program (SGP)

In the Philippines, every public and private high schools under the Department of Education (DepED) has its own student governments. They are usually called the Supreme Student Government or the SSG supervised by the Center for Students and Co-curricular Affairs. The Constitution and By-Laws are adopted by all of the DepED public and private high schools.
The SSG Federations are divided to three levels:
  1. Division Federation of Supreme Student Governments (DFSSG) - headed by the Division SSG President elected by the school SSG presidents all over a division.
  2. Regional Federation of Supreme Student Governments (RFSSG) - headed by the Regional SSG President elected by the Division Presidents of the region
  3. National Federation of Supreme Student Governments (NFSSG)- headed by the National SSG President, elected by all the delegates of the National Leadership Training for Student Government Officers, held in Teachers' Camp, Baguio City.
Every 1st week of September, delegates from all over the country (student government officers) join the National Leadership Training for Student Government Officers or the NLTSGO, wherein they undergo intensive leadership trainings and also elect their National SSG president.
The Center for Students and Co-curricular Affairs of the Department of Education is in charge of the Student Government Program, the flagship program of the Supreme Student Governments (SSG) and Supreme Pupil Governments (SPG).

[edit] Alumni Association of Student Government Officers

The Alumni Association of Student Government Officers (Acronym: AASGO) is the organization of former Supreme Student Government officers from different secondary schools around the country, enrolled in the college or tertiary level.
Members are those officers elected under the Synchronized SSG Elections (February 2002 - present) and appointed under the Standard SSG Constitution and By-Laws (July 2005 - present).
There are four active AASGOs in the country:
  • Davao City AASGO [division]
  • Central Luzon AASGO [regional]
  • AASGO Bicolandia [regional]
  • AASGO West Visayas State University Area Chapter [state university and college]
AASGO heads are the following (as of August 2010):
  • Coco Chan Garcia - Central Luzon AASGO
  • Von Rojohn Rubio - AASGO West Visayas State University Area Chapter
  • AASGO Bicolandia - TBD
  • Davao City AASGO - TBD

What is Supreme Student Government???

   A students' union, student government, student senate, students' association, guild of students or government of student body is a student organization present in many colleges, universities and has started to appear in some high schools. In higher education, the student union is often accorded its own building on the campus, dedicated to social and organizational activities of the student body.
Many students' unions are run by students, independent of the educational facility. The purpose of these organizations is to represent students both within the institution and externally, including on local and national issues. They are also responsible for providing a variety of services to students. Students can get involved in its management through numerous and varied committees, councils and general meetings, or become one of its elected officers.
   Many students' unions are highly politicised bodies, and often serve as a training ground for aspiring politicians. Campaigning and debate is often very vigorous, with the youthful enthusiasm of the various partisans, a student media that is itself often partisan, inexperienced, and under no financial pressure to slant coverage to please a broad readership, and a general lack of serious consequences for decision all encouraging political gamesmanship. Other unions however are less politicised. Students' Unions generally have similar aims irrespective of the extent of politicization, and focus on providing facilities, support and services to students as well as political goals.
Students' unions often officially recognize and allocate an annual budget to other organizations on campus. In some institutions, postgraduate students are within the general students' unions, whereas in others they have their own Postgraduate Representative Body. In some cases graduate students lack formal representation in student government.